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About Orion
Name: Orion

Birthday: July 21, 1986

Birthplace: Lubbock, TX

Favorite Music Genres:
Neo Soul, Rock, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Acoustic

Biggest Musical Influences:
The Police, Sting, Mycle Wastman, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Kurt Elling, Bobby McFerrin, Hanson (their new stuff)

Favorite song(s) to perform with the group:
Every Breath You Take, Fireflies, I Feel Good, Need You Now, Hazel Eyes

When not performing with The Uptown 4, what are you doing?
Hanging w/Family, Working, Writing songs for my album... Stay Tuned!

Thoughts About Jeffrey McGlinn:
Sensible, One-Take, Passion! Music doesn't get much more real for this guy.

Thoughts About Jeff Weister:
Quirky yet serious. Driven more than a used Rental Car. This guy will never stop in his pursuit of the dream. Get on the ride or get out of the way!

Thoughts About Sky Lewis:
Living off the cuff! Talking the talk, walking the walk, and by the way…turn him up in the headphones, left side fam, Real Talk! (Inside Joke)

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